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Tru Talk with Tysheeks

Usher was with Jermaine Dupri and Brian Michael Cox in the studio

Could Usher be working a new album?

More confessions?

Via Love B Scott:

Usher’s made headlines in recent weeks for ALL the wrong reasons, but he wants us to know he’s hard at work on his next album.

While we’ve been expecting some type of statement from Usher denying (or confirming) the herpes allegations, he just might be holding out and using this as an opportunity to drop a “ Confessions Pt. 3.”

Check out Jermaine Dupri’s Ig post below:

Kodak Black is claiming Master P is trying to make a come up off of him

Is Kodak for real? Does he not know who Master P really is?

I’m going to just pray for these 90’s babies.

Via XXL Mag:

It was all good a few weeks ago.  Master P had taken  Kodak Black under  his wing and they were even planning a  back-to-school fundraiser for the kids in Kodak’s hometown of Pompano Beach, Fla. But now it appears the relationship between the OG and young rapper has soured. Kodak is claiming P was trying to make a come up off him and P is denying those claims.

A couple days ago, the Project Baby went on Instagram Live to reveal that he was no longer messing with P because the No Limit founder tried to charge him for his mentorship. “I guess Master P thought I was a fool. I still fuck with Master P the long way. But I ain’t no motherfucking fool,” he added before getting to the crux of his issue with NOLA luminary. “I give my niggas whatever game I got, I give it to them for free. Ain’t charging ’em. I aint gon’ buy no game from no nigga.”

The colonel of the tank has responded to Kodak’s claims. In an Instagram video and lengthy caption, P spelled out what happened in his opinion. “The real story is how much money does Theo Sedlmayr make off Kodak Black,” he wrote, speaking of the rapper’s music attorney. “For the record, I met Kodak Black through Charlamagne. I did not look for him for any business endeavors. Kodak reached out to me directly for help. A lot of people told me not to get involved with him but I’m about helping the next generation and I looked at him as just misunderstood. I treated him like a son. I never asked him for a dime, I never took any money from him. I only went into my pocket and spent money. I paid for plane tickets for him and his guys. I went to the government to get him cleared. My intention was to help him build a positive image from the perception that he had out there already. I realized that his entertainment lawyers do not want him to learn the music business. They would rather keep him ignorant so that they can keep taking advantage of him. And they especially don’t want someone like me to be around him because they know I’m gonna keep it 100.”

He continued, “Kodak asked me to manage him. And the first thing I told him was to get all of his contracts so that we could audit them, that’s just Business 101. Kodak asked me to call his entertainment lawyer, Theo Seldmayr, but he did not return my phone call for over 30 days and he never sent any paperwork, which is a red flag. Kodak doesn’t even know how much he’s actually paying this guy. And I told Kodak I could no longer do business for you, I’m not making any money off of this anyway. It’s just a headache. After this experience, I’m not doing any more free headaches, I’m not doing anything else for free. So moving forward, anybody that reaches out to me for business, it’s gonna cost. I have no more time to waste. I’m a businessman, people are going to pay me for my time just like any other professional. I don’t mind helping my people and giving back because that’s what I love to do. But if anybody on social media throwing up money and they are committed to helping their community, they should also pay for it out of their pocket if that is what they genuinely want to do. I am not God, I realize that I can only help people that truly want to be helped. If Kodak wants to grow his own business, he’s going to have to cut some people off that are not right for his business, if he wants to run a real business he’s going to have to pay the right people.”



Lebron James is reportedly leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron James may just be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for real.

According to a source:

This will be LeBron’s final season in Cleveland,” the source told Chris.  “He is 100 percent leaving. Relationship with owners beyond repair.” 

Via Bleacher Report:

When James re-signed with Cleveland in July 2014, he appeared unlikely ever to depart Northeast Ohio a second time. In his first-person essay with Sports Illustrated’s  Lee Jenkins announcing his return to the Cavs, James emphasized “my calling here goes above basketball.”

Much has changed since then, though. The Cavaliers won their first title, which cemented James’ legacy.

Perhaps more importantly, an organization that was rarely a model for the rest of the league has been thrown into disarray this summer.

The Cavs jettisoned general manager David Griffin, who helped build a team that reached three straight NBA Finals. In his place comes Koby Altman, who is only 34 and spent one season as the assistant GM before getting the top job.

Since they waited so long to formally hire Altman, the Cavaliers were without a general manager who could get a Jimmy Butler or  Paul Georgetrade across the line. Both players ended up elsewhere.

Compounding matters,’s  Brian Windhorst reported in July that four-time All-Star Kyrie Irving is seeking a trade out of Cleveland.

James turns 33 in December, so it’s understandable if he’d want to spend the remainder of his NBA career in a more stable atmosphere. And Cleveland’s front office may already be bracing for him to leave after the 2017-18 season.’s  Adrian Wojnarowski reported the Cavs see trading Irving as an opportunity to acquire a young star around whom they can build for the future, rather than add a ready-made talent who can bolster their title hopes with James in the short term.

Natalie Cole’s son Robert Yancy, dead at 39 years old

Natalie Cole’s son Robert Yancy was found dead in his apartment.

Robert was only 39 years old.

Via TMZ:

Family members tell us … authorities contacted them at 2:30 AM Tuesday and said Robert died of a heart attack. Law enforcement tells us, pending an autopsy, they have listed it as death from natural causes, but that can change once the autopsy and toxicology tests are completed.

The family tells us authorities were clear to them, drugs were not involved. As you know, Natalie famously fought drug addiction throughout her adult life until  her 2015 death . Her cause of death was congestive heart failure.

Family members say Robert — the grandson of  Nat King Cole — had never abused drugs and was “turning his life around.” He worked in the music industry.

Robert’s dad died of a heart attack at age 34, so it could be heart disease runs in the family.

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