Exes, Sons and Boxers: A Guide to Some of 50 Cent's Biggest Feuds

50 Cent/Instagram

Exes, Sons and Boxers: A Guide to Some of 50 Cent's Biggest Feuds

50 Cent/Instagram

What do Diddy, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Ja Rule have in common? Yes, they’re all mega-successful rap stars, but they’ve also done rounds with 50 Cent — rap’s most notorious troll. When he’s not calling out his foes in song or during an interview, he can be found putting them on blast via his formidable social media presence. Over the years he’s come for full-time fighters (looking at you, Floyd Mayweather), ex-girlfriends, and even his own son. Read on for some of Fiddy’s biggest beefs of all time.

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Vivica A. Fox

Everyone knows that exes often lead to the greatest feuds. 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox dated in 2003 and called it quits a short time later, leading to a slew of horrendous public spats in which the rapper accused her of using their romance as a publicity stunt. While they patched things up long enough for Fox to appear in the music video for 50’s 2009 track “Do You Think About Me,” they were back at it in October 2015 when the actress questioned his sexuality during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

50 Cent and Vivica Fox.

Host Andy Cohen asked Fox — who stars on and produces Empire, a rival to 50’s Starz drama Powerabout 50 Cent’s now-deleted Instagram post that blamed Empire’s dip in ratings on plot lines that featured too much “gay stuff.” Fox replied, “First of all, you know the pot called the kettle black is all I’m saying,” which led viewers to believe she was insinuating that he himself was homosexual.

In response, 50 Cent attacked Fox via social media, sharing unflattering photos, including one of her donning a low-cut dress with the words “really bad boob job!” written over the picture. “Bitch remember when you told me f— Halle Berry and you could have played all the roles she did better than her? And I just looked at you like what the f— kind s— did you take? LMAO,” he wrote alongside the photo. He then later took to Twitter to call Fox “crazy.”

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Man somebody should have told her I'm a Troll. I got my asshole merit badge on now. #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Nov 8, 2015 at 9:37pm PST

After laying low for a while, 50 reignited the feud in September 2016 when he shared a split photo of a woman with botched plastic surgery and Fox. “I don’t know why people would want to cross me. I would stay out of my way, if I wasn’t me because I’m gonna keep winning,” he captioned the photo. “I think they do it for attention then get more attention than they want. I told you POWER was the show to watch. Now Empire lol forget it.”

Months later, in December, the rapper appeared on Watch What Happens Live to address Fox’s assertions. “I said to myself, personally, I said, ‘Oh no! ‘Cause I let her lick my ass, she thinks I’m gay!’” he said.

Fox then blasted 50 on Instagram and challenged him to appear on Watch What Happens Live together in an effort to settle their beef for good. “Tell you what @50 Cent since you keep on telling that lie!! I challenge you to let’s both go on @bravowwhl and we can put this to rest!!” she wrote. “That NEVER happened and you know it QUEEN! But keep on telling them how u like it tho!! Let me know when u ready cause I am!! Part 2: Crazy how you 4got that u paid me to be in ya Video and went on the radio saying you did wrong by me! Boy oh boy when that VAULT opens up its gonna be good! I’ve got a great memory.”

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Their relationship thawed in 2017, but Fox stirred the pot in the spring of 2018 when revealing excerpts from her forthcoming book Every Day, I’m Hustling characterized her sex life with the rapper as “PG-13.” Elsewhere in the book, she wrote that “most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex, because I really enjoyed making love with him.”

Still, those comments made 50 Cent just a lil’ bit upset. The rapper clapped back in a since-deleted Instagram that same day, writing, “I’m waking up to this s—, that was 14 years ago. smh who does this? What the f—!”

Marquise Jackson

Marquise Jackson.

50 Cent has had a rocky relationship with his son for quite some time, due in part to his nasty split from his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

The Power producer and Tompkins dated for several years in the ’90s and welcomed Marquis together in 1997. The couple had an extended custody battle over the child and didn’t reach an official arrangement until October 2008.

During the battle, the rapper admitted that having limited contact with Marquise, who was 11 at the time, was “the toughest, because he’s my motivation.”

He added: “My relationship with my son is changing because he and his mom aren’t friends anymore. There’s different channels I have to go through. He has lawyers appointed to him through the court. So I have to talk to his lawyer to get things situated for me to for me to actually get him.”

50 Cent; Shaniqua Tompkins

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Earlier that same year, the Long Island home Tompkins and her son were living in, which was owned by the rapper, burned down. Investigators on the scene called the incident “suspicious.”

Tompkins filed a suit against 50 Cent earlier in the year, alleging that he promised her the house — valued at $2.4 million — more than a decade before. Following the fire, 50 Cent, in turn, sued Tompkins for making defamatory statements, including that he tried to kill her by setting the fire.

Most recently, the pair feuded after he told Tompkins, who was allegedly collaborating on a reality show, that she wasn’t suited for television. “Get a f—ing job,” he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram posted in September. “I own your life rights reality TV is a no go. l don’t know what to tell you, oh go shake your new fake ass over at club Angels,” he added.

Though the rapper has attempted to mend his strained relationship with Marquise several times, his son says the constant drama with Tompkins pushed him away.

“It completely went south when I was probably like 10 or 11,” Marquise told Rap-Up in an interview last year. “He wasn’t really around enough. It kind of dwindled down as time went on and certain events happened.”

“For me, I just started feeling differently about him because growing up, my dad was my superhero,” he continued. “He’s on television, he does this, he does this, he would take me to school. It was like having a father who’s Superman, more or less.”

“But then, as I got older, you start realizing things or you start seeing certain patterns and it takes an effect on your relationship with people,” Marquise added. “That’s what happened with me and my father. He’s still alive but I can’t tell you our last conversation or the last time we even had a dialogue.”

In December 2018, 50 Cent posted a disturbing comment on an Instagram photo of his son Marquise hanging out with the son of his longtime rival, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. Criminal investigators previously alleged McGriff was involved in a plot to kill 50 Cent which culminated in the rapper’s May 2000 shooting, a search warrant unsealed in 2005 revealed, according to CBS News.

“If both these little n— got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t have a bad day,” the “In Da Club” artist wrote.

Kanye West

Fiddy staged what Rolling Stone famously called the “Clash of Rap Titans” in September 2007 when he challenged Kanye West to a battle of album sales. With his own Curtis due to be released the same day as Yeezy’s Graduation, he made the ultimate bet. “If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I’ll no longer write music,” he said. “I’ll write music and work with my other artists, but I won’t put out any more solo albums.”

When the big day came, West outsold 50 Cent by several hundred thousand. Despite the loss, Fiddy declined to put his career on hold — he later insisted the whole competition was merely a stunt.



It’s true, Fiddy’s feud with Diddy actually began in the late 2000s after he accused the Sean John mogul of making money off his late friend, Biggie Smalls (Diddy responded to this by calling him a “hating ass crab”). But in recent years their differences can be distilled down to one thing: vodka. The rival brands — 50 Cent’s Effen Vodka and Diddy’s Ciroc — have led to some truly hilarious social media slams, but the pair insist it’s a playful battle. “Y’all can’t see that he loves me? You really think that’s hate?” Diddy said in a recent interview on The Breakfast Club. “When you really break it down, you been out here a long time, you know he loves me.”

Diddy appeared to be correct, as Fiddy sent heartfelt wishes the rapper’s way after the death of his longtime love in mid-November. “R.I.P. to Kim Porter, I send my condolences to her friends and family. She was loved and will be missed dearly,” the rapper wrote on Twitter. “I know Puff is hit right now he loved her for real, soul mate type s—. Chin up Puff, positive vibes only.”

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne.

Fiddy had no love for this young up-and-comer in the mid-2000s, calling him a “whore” during an interview for his high number of feature spots and questioning his inclusion on MTV’s Hottest MC in 2008. He took his insults to the mic with the track “Part Time Lover,” spitting: “You make me wanna kiss you like Baby kiss Wayne/And make you call me daddy like Baby do Wayne/Damn that s— sounds gay, it’s insane/I guess that’s the price the lil n—a pays for fame.”

Lil Wayne responded with some subliminal disses on the track “Louisianimal,” rapping in part: “All about a dollar, f— two quarters/Bitch I’ll pour syrup in that Vitamin Water/I hope you die ugly and tonight’ll be gorgeous/Feed me your organs, bitch I’m starving.”

50 went all out during a 2009 Shade 45 interview, referring to Weezy as “little baby” and a “junkie.” The barbs continued on a string of 50’s tracks, including “Play This on the Radio,” “Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me)” and “Love, Hate, Love,” but Fiddy chilled out following Lil Wayne’s seizure in 2012 — going so far as to wish his former foe well.

Ja Rule

No discussion of 50 Cent’s feuds would be complete without mentioning Ja Rule. The beef stretches back over two decades to when the pair were rival rappers coming up in the NYC borough of Queens. While the precise genesis of their disagreement remains hazy, Fiddy kicked it into high gear with his 1999 track “Life’s on the Line,” which mocked Ja’s trademark battle cry, “It’s murdah!” The lyrical punches became physical later that year when they rumbled in the lobby of an Atlanta hotel. Throughout the early 2000s, they exchanged diss tracks like “Wacksta,” “Clap Back,” “Hail Mary” and “Things Gon’ Change” — on which he rapped the lines, “I’ll probably go to jail for sending 50 to hell.”

The bad blood between them seemed to diminish by the dawn of the 2010s, particularly after Ja was sentenced to a two-year prison sentence for gun charges and tax evasion. “I’m cool. We ain’t beefing no more,” he said in an interview with the.LIFE Files. “We don’t gotta go to war, but we’re not friends either.”

However, 50 still trolls him on social media from time to time. Following Ja’s involvement in 2017’s infamous Fyre Festival, 50 Cent jokingly suggested that Trump appointed him “the secretary of festivals.” Then, in the fall of 2018, Fiddy reportedly purchased 200 front row seats for Ja Rule’s Nov. 9 concert, forcing the former Murder Inc. emcee to perform to what looked like an empty house.

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What a show, ????I mean just fucking great. Do it again????my kid went to the restroom. LOL #bellator #lecheminduroi

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Oct 26, 2018 at 10:57pm PDT

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather.

50 Cent used to be tight with the famous fighter (they appeared on the cover of XXL together in 2011), but it all went south when they went in together on a business venture, TMT The Money Team Promotions. While “Money” Mayweather did time in prison for a misdemeanor domestic battery charge, the rapper put up millions for the promotional agency — but following his release, he reportedly refused to match 50’s contributions. Fiddy was less than pleased, loudly shouting about the high sums Mayweather spent on fast cars and gold chains. The boxer responded on Twitter by calling 50 “a male boxing groupie.. hold my belts because your album sales have declined.”

Though they later claimed the war of words was a publicity stunt, the sentiments would become increasingly nasty in years to come. After Mayweather insinuated that 50 Cent was irrelevant, the rapper sarcastically challenged him on social media: “I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice, If you can read a full page out of a Harry Potter book out loud without starting and stopping or f—ing up.” (Mayweather responded by uploading a photo of two checks totaling over $72 million.) Despite highly publicized claims that they would fight each other in 2014, this never came to pass.

The feud remained quiet for years, before sparking back up in the spring of 2018 after Mayweather reportedly booked Teairra Mari — who was suing 50 Cent for revenge porn — to perform at his strip club. The back and forth continued over the summer, with Mayweather posting an open letter on Instagram claiming that 50’s own son doesn’t want to spend time with him.

“You haven’t had a hit song on radio in who knows when and you’re definitely not hot enough to even sell records anymore so Interscope dropped you,” he wrote. “You are jealous of any rapper, athlete or entertainer that’s hot or got something going on for themselves. You are a certified snitch and we got paperwork to prove it.”

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Curtis “Confidential Informant” Jackson, you're mad because your oldest son Marquees mother doesn’t want to be with you! Your Son, your own flesh and blood don't want nothing to do with you! You haven't had a hit song on radio in who knows when and you’re definitely not hot enough to even sell records anymore so Interscope dropped you. You are jealous of any rapper, athlete or entertainer that’s hot or got something going on for themselves. You are a certified snitch and we got paperwork to prove it. You talk about Ja-Rule but you stole his whole style and ran with it! You’re the only self proclaimed gangster that’s never put in work! You need to pay homage to the real 50cent for stealing his name and his storyline. Your claim to fame was getting shot numerous times & living to tell it and you think that's Gangster? Where at? You’re currently living in a fucking apartment in Jersey, you are always in somebody else's business just to stay relevant. You should just become a blogger cause it’s obvious you don’t have nothing going on in your life. Are you mad that Kanye West ended your career? The only thing you got going on is Power and everybody watches that because Ghost is a dope ass character on the show. You can leave the show everybody will still watch Power, but out here in the real world I’m The Real Ghost. That’s not a Mansion in Connecticut that you're in debt for, that’s a dump, a money pit an oversized trap house! It was dope when Mike Tyson had it in the late 80’s early 90’s, but you couldn't afford to maintain it. You’re always talking about somebody is broke, but the last time I checked it was Curtis Jackson that filed for bankruptcy not Floyd Mayweather. So quick to gossip like a Bitch, why don't you tell everybody how you got Herpes from DJ. Where's your memes for that, huh? Or better yet, post on how your Coca-Cola deal wasn’t really 300 million you fucking liar and tell how that spinning G-Unit necklace that somebody got robbed for was fake. Just remember, I was with you everyday and your driver Bruce was my driver also. I know where all your bones are buried, so be easy Curtis Jackson! And by the way, don’t ask to borrow no more money from me.

A post shared by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) on Jul 21, 2018 at 12:36pm PDT

50 responded by mentioning Mayweather’s domestic violence cases.

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I must have hurt your feelings champ,????you had someone write a book I’m gonna take my time with this so I get it all out we are gonna start with your 11 Domestic violence cases. Wait a minute I’ll do them in order remember you asked for this. ????get the strap #lecheminduroi

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Jul 21, 2018 at 2:33pm PDT

In an interview with TMZ this summer, 50 Cent referred to the boxing champ — for not the first time — as his “little brother.”

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